After-School Programs

Bricks 4 Kidz® after-school classes build on the universal popularity of LEGO® Bricks to deliver high quality, educational play. Every class is a fun, enriching experience for your child, using the classic bricks loved by generations of children.
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Preschool Programs

Watch your preschooler’s eyes light up as they dig into a pile of brightly-colored DUPLO® bricks! Each week children build a simple model based on the letter of the week and various themes, while practicing essential preschool skills including: letter recognition, patterning, colors, counting, fine motor skills, positioning and ordering.
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In-School Workshops

A Bricks 4 Kidz® workshop uses LEGO® Bricks that kids love, to deliver hands-on lessons correlated to cross-disciplinary curriculum objectives. The Bricks 4 Kidz® approach to learning is imaginative, multi-sensory and fun, creating a dynamic learning experience for your students.
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Bricks 4 Kidz® camps are a fresh and fun way for kids to spend their school or holiday break! Children will enjoy using LEGO® Bricks to build specially-designed models, play games, explore the world of engineering, architecture and movie-making.
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Celebrate your child’s birthday and build memories with a unique Bricks 4 Kidz® party experience. The timeless fun of LEGO® Bricks is sure to be a crowd pleaser for boys and girls from pre-school to pre-teen.
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Experience our exciting Jr. Robotics and Advanced Robotics classes! Build a motorized model and watch it come to life using simple LEGO® WeDo® software. As your skills improve, advance to LEGO® EV3 Mindstorms® classes for more challenging robot-building and programming!
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Kidz Night Out

A Bricks 4 Kidz® Night Out is a high-energy evening full of LEGO®entertainment for kids ages 5 – 12. We provide pizza, games, projects, and of course, loads of LEGO® bricks for all the creativity and building their minds can imagine
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We learn, we build, we play with LEGO® Bricks

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Upcoming Summer Holiday Camp Jakarta

June-July 2016


Minecraft 1     trip to the jungle low

movie mania new     Superhero new

wildlife expedition     robotics

minecraft 2     movie making

pokemon     Go Ninja

under the sea     galaxy far away low

Jurassic     vehicle fun

robotics 2     angry birds

model designer     ninja turtle

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Parenting Workshop: Grow Your Child’s Intelligence with Playful Parenting

Grow Your Child with Playful Parenting

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Develop Your Child’s Creativity, Logical Thinking,

& Focus with LEGO® Bricks in Bricks 4 Kidz®

Preschool & After School Program!

Early childhood is one of the most important stages when kids start learning something new and developing their intelligence, emotion, and social skill. Besides parents’ influence & education on children at home, fun and creative preschool & after school activities can also help developing children’s early childhood skills like creativity, logic, focus, motor skill, patience, communication, and self-confidence

Benefits of Learning through Playing with LEGO® Bricks

Learning today doesn’t have to be static, full of text books, and boring. Children can have a fun experience when they are playing & learning many skills at the same time. LEGO® has been around for more than 80 years and it is not just toy. 

red haired kid smallConfidence

The proud feeling that children get from building something out of LEGO® bricks increase their self-confidence, that they can make something too on their own.

Enhance Creativity

Building something with LEGO® bricks help kids enhance their creativity and imagination, which also boost cognitive and academic growth.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

When creating something with LEGO® bricks, kids have to fit in and match one piece of shaped object to another and with more practice they can develop fine motor skills.

IMG_1583Gain Focus

Children practice their focus and concentration when creating a model with LEGO® bricks so they can succeed in making their model.

Problem Solving

When building their model, kids have to find out what works and what don’t, how to fix it & make it works, readjust the pieces so they fit together well.

Check the schedule here and enroll your kid here

Learning through Playing with LEGO® Bricks in Bricks 4 Kidz’s Preschool & After School Program

Learning & Playing in Bricks 4 Kidz® preschool and after school programs do not only give children all the benefits mentioned above, but children are also introduced to general knowledge on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). They will build models based on exciting themes from space to sports, amusement parks to animals (and many more!) to enhance their creativity, logical & critical thinking and focus.

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Our programs provide a safe, relaxed learning environment where initiative is invited and self-expression is celebrated. All this takes place while kids are having fun and socializing in a non-competitive atmosphere at our creativity center.


  • Introduce engineering and architecture principles

  • Explore math and science concepts

  • Increase general knowlegde through discussions related to each model

  • Develop social/emotional skills such as patience, teamwork and communication in the process of completing a project

  • Enhance self-esteem by solving problems and completing projects

  • Improve fine-motor skills as children

  • Utilize multiple learning modalities to engage visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning styles

  • Teach important classroom skills such as organization and following directions

  • Foster an appreciation for how things work

Build Awesome Creations

model sketch     Dragster-4 low

Our programs allow kids to embrace their creativity and build exciting LEGO®models from a series of project kits and proprietary model plans

Parents can choose a number of programs that suits your children from preschool program (3-5 years old), after school program (5-13 years old), holiday camp (5-13 years old), kidz night out (5-13 years old), field trips (4-13 years old), and even birthday parties.


*Some pictures above are not owned by us

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A very fun session with Moms & Dads & Kids today! And a very touching story about how spending time & playing with Mom and Dad is the greatest day for children 😊
#parenting #parentingworkshop
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Day 5 of another bricktastic #Minecraft Camp! See you in our next fun-themedCamp 😉

#Duplo #Lego #legocamp #holidaycampjakarta #holiday #holidaycamp #summercamp #liburan #liburananak #liburansekolah #liburansekolahanak #schoolbreak #liburanseru #inspirasiliburan #infoliburan #liburanlokal #funtimes #bricks4kidz #bricks4kidzcamp #kegiatananak #aktivitasanak #mainlego #kreasilego
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Ayah Bunda sering bingung cara bermain yg efektif bersama si kecil? Atau si kecil sering salah menempatkan balok atau menyusun sesuatu saat bermain? Jangan buru2 mengkritik & mengoreksi ya Bun. Yuk cari tau caranya bermain & membangun koneksi dengan si buat hati di Parenting Workshop bersama certified play therapist & parents coach, Ms. Irene Pither hari Sabtu ini, 25 Juni jam 13.00-14.30 cuma di Bricks 4 Kidz Kemang 😄

Ada sesi bermain dengan Lego juga dan membuat racing car!

Pendaftaran bisa klik link di bio atau contact 021 780 2766 / 0822 1888 0660 /

Atau ayah/bunda bisa direct message ke kami ya 😊

#parenting #parentingworkshop #Lego
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"Ms, I need sky, forest, galaxy, and city backgrounds"
"Ms, I need to make a hot desert"
"Ms, I need to make a platform for the winner"
"Ms, where is my Yoda?"
"Ms, I have done. What's next?" Then,

Taraaaaa .. 👯👯 Our background settings are doneeee 🙆🙆 And for 3 more days to go, we are ready to have a shooting time 📷📹🎬

Repost @hanniezha
#bricks4kidz #stopmotion #moviemakingcamp #summercamp #lego
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Gimana ya cara desainer #bricks4kidz membuat model helicopter, racing car, & model lainnya yg bisa gerak & berputar? Yuk cari tau caranya di Bricks Designer Camp & buat model ciptaanmu sendiri! 😄

Untuk usia 5 tahun ke atas
Kemang Center: 18-20 Juli jam 09.00-12.00 Rp. 900,000 utk 3 hari
@ Rp. 810.000 utk group 3 anak
Puri Center: 18-20 Juli jam 9.30-12.30 Rp. 850.000 utk 3 hari

Pendaftaran klik link di bio atau contact:
021 780 2766 / 0822 1888 0660

Atau direct message email ayah/bunda ya utk kita kirimkan detailnya.

#Duplo #Lego #legocamp #holidaycampjakarta #holiday #holidaycamp #summercamp #liburan #liburananak #liburansekolah #liburansekolahanak #schoolbreak #liburanseru #inspirasiliburan #infoliburan #liburanlokal #funtimes #bricks4kidz #bricks4kidzcamp #kegiatananak #aktivitasanak #mainlego #kreasilego
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They think it’s COOL. You know it’s EDUCATIONAL.

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We learn, we build, we play with LEGO® Bricks

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